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Welcome to Whitstable Harbour Village

Whitstable Harbour Village is a unique and highly successful seaside community business operating in the heart of Whitstable's beautiful working harbour, on the north Kent coast. 

Now in its ninth successful season, Whitstable Harbour Village is a vibrant community of local artists, artisans and independent entrepreneurs, all selling their wares from traditional timber fisherman's huts on the quayside. These mini-retail units allow start-up and creative businesses to set up and test new business ideas in a supportive incubator setting, in what is now a very busy shopping and tourism destination. It is estimated that more than 40 independent local businesses have graduated from Whitstable Harbour Village to set up galleries, shops and restaurants in Whitstable and other parts of East Kent.

Originally set up with idealistic zeal by a local entrepreneur to promote Kentish produce and crafts, Whitstable Harbour Village and its 33 traders is now described by officials as a "key asset" for the harbour and is recognised as a key component of the Whitstable economy. 

Open every week-end and bank holiday from 10am-5pm, Whitstable Harbour Village offers a fun, local and authentic alternative to dreary superstores and out of town shopping malls.


It is with enormous sadness that we are forced to announce the permanent closure of Whitstable Harbour Village, with effect from midnight on Wednesday 30th September 2015, when our current lease expires.

After more than seven years of successful operations on the South Quay and despite many previous assurances from officials and Councilors' that the Village is a "key asset" for the harbour we have not been offered a new lease by Canterbury City Council who wish to undertake a "retail review." The Council informed us just three working days before the end of our lease that they will charge us at least £4300 for any storage option while the harbour repair works and review take place but we have no indication if they might they give us a lease later. We have no option now but to clear the site and destroy seven years hard work to avoid being sued by the Ciouncil for occupying the site after the lease ends.

We have not only lost our livelihoods for no good reason but in our view this is a tragic and totally unnecessary sabotage of a great community asset.

Stuart Heaver
Kentish Trader Limited
Founder, owner and operator Whitstable Harbour Village

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Helping to keep Whitstable local, independent and different.
Every week-end and bank holiday (10am-5pm) to 30 September 2015

Whitstable Harbour Village
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