Whitstable Harbour Village

The closure of Whitstable Harbour Village.
Important Statement from founders.

Following some misleading reports to the contrary and repeated enquiries from local businesses wanting to participate in Whitstable Harbour Village 2016, we must confirm we were forced to close Whitstable Harbour Village on September 30th 2015. Whitstable Harbour Village is NOT ' re-opening'  and is NOT being 're-instated'.

Sadly, it is our considered opinion, that Whitstable Harbour Village was deliberately and unnecessarily sabotaged by Canterbury  City Council who we believe abused their role as landlords and their constitutional  obligation as as a democratically accountable local authority to force us from our own business. We have grave concerns that Canterbury City Council essentially stole our  successful community business, which we developed from scratch over 7-8 years, We also believe they have offered it via a hastily arranged  pubic tender process, run over the Christmas holiday period, to individuals with whom they had been in secret discussions for some months while the Village was still operating.

The documentary evidence supporting this opinion is the subject of an official complaint which was submitted to Canterbury City  Council on 28 October 2015. We were advised  the complaint would be considered by the Council's Chief Executive, Colin Carmichael but to date (18 January 2016) he has made no response or comment.  Shortly, after the appropriate time has elapsed we will submit our complaint to the local government Ombudsmen.  We will ask him to  examine our evidence and ask him to consider both financial compensation and an independent  investigation of the recent tender process for possible misconduct.

We have lost our livelihoods and a successful community asset for Whitstable had been lost for no apparent reason and the entire process was undertaken mostly in secret. We can only thank the thousands  from near and far who supported our vision for local enterprise over the last 7-8 years and those many people from Whitstable who helped make it happen.  We remain very proud to have created a unique asset for our community despite the numerous obstacles thrown in our path from day one to the very end.

Whatever  new  'market' initiative that Canterbury City Council may announce in the future has nothing to do with the famous Whitstable Harbour Village and we can only trust that 'whatever goes around comes around'.

Stuart Heaver
Director, Kentish Trader Limited , founder of Whitstable Harbour Village
18 January 2016

SORRY, WE ARE CLOSED. Thank you to all who supported us over the years...



Whitstable Harbour Village
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